Study: The petrol engines are preferred by 7 out of 10 people!

More and more people are starting to turn their attention to cars with a petrol engines and it appears that the diesel engines are in a free fall: only 4 out of 10 people chose cars with diesel engines.

The main reason is fear of an increase in taxes for cars with diesel engines.
According to the latest study conducted by a known publication, most of those surveyed would choose a gasoline-powered car.
Apart from the negative influences on the environment, the consequences of the Dieselgate scandal can be found in the selection of drivers who now fear an increase in taxes for cars with diesel engines.

The study in question showed that 7 out of 10 people would choose a gasoline-powered car, and just 4 out of 10 would go for a motor vehicle diesel. Although they are becoming increasingly popular and most car manufacturers are investing a lot of money in their development, half of the questioned drivers rule out the purchase of an electric car.

When it comes to hybrid cars, respondents were more open, therefore 32% of them would take into account a hybrid gasoline engine, and only 12% are considering a hybrid diesel engine.

The main reason for this selection is not the interest in protecting the environment, but is strictly related to the costs generated by a car in the long term.
The organizers of the study said that: “Apparently, buyers are not very concerned by environmental factors. The process of buying a car is determined by the financial aspects. If the buyers are afraid of a diesel taxes, and gasoline engines are cheaper and almost as efficient, it is easy to understand the changes taking place. “

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