Spotted: Ferrari 599 GTO roadster?

We already know that we will soon open a variant of the 599 to expect, but we are still some questions. Despite these spyshots still remains a mysterious haze hanging.

We see a 599GTO – or something that really tends to – with special tape here and there. Thus we see that the doors are sealed and a modified A-style top. Like the men from Maranello, showing that we still get a 599 GTO Roadster instead of a regular 599? Or we just wrong and this is a test mule?

Whatever it is, we get a fine anyway V12 preferably high speed. Performance figures 500pk and more, we do not need a convertible, but a Ferrari is always a Ferrari. Insiders also speak of a limited number of 599 homeless programs, so if you are interested, you rush forward to your Ferrari dealer! Wait until August when the festival starts Pebble Beach, the only thing we can do.

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