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Some very apt definitions

Come on now, admit it, you’ve wanted to put your own definitions on cars, trucks and other rolling stock, no haven’t you, well here’s your chance. We’ve come up with a few definitions that we think you’ll like and if you do and can think of more, we’ll be happy to put them out there.

Some weeks are tougher than others to know where to start, but this week is an exception, so here are some definitions we think you’ll like:

Chromely: This is what you get when you cross the front end of the Mercury MKX crossover (“My eyes! My eyes!” if you forget your sunglasses) with a wildly wand-waving Chrome fairy and you end up with a massively bright chrome-clad grille that seems to begin at street level and go up to the ninth or 10th floor of the rolling building behind you.

Grugly: This is what you get when you roll the new Audi A8 out onto the highway and see this hugely massively ugly grille rolling down on you. You never see it from the inside but it’s there and although the A8L handles like a charm and stops as if its wheels were encased in Super Glue® , but when it’s coming up on your car and into your rear view, it’s downright grugly.

Fiestively: Since the re-introduction of the Ford Fiesta last year to rave reviews, we’ve wondered how to describe it and we think we’ve found a great way to do it, “Fiestively!” Now that’s a good one, isn’t it!

Fiattire: We know that Fiat makes one of the nicer microcars in Europe but it is definitely causing less than a huge sensation here. Maybe it is too new for the market and it has to build, but with the success of the Honda Fit, we now this market is ready for it, so could you call the new Fiat a “fiattire” right now?

Wheel Smart: The Smart was supposed to be the answer for the urban dweller who might need to keep a car to roll around town and which was also supposed to be small enough to handle the urban driving drill easily. Well, it has not turned out to be a “wheel smart” invention, now, has it as Smart sales are not exactly burning up the market.

Now that we’ve thought of a few of these words, let’s see what you can come up with and let us now. We’ll look them over test driving them a bit and roll out the best.

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