Smart Cross Blade turns back?

Smart Cross Blade turns back?

Smart has design drawings submitted to a European patent office. Then we see that once again working on a Smart Cross Blade.
In 2002, the spectacular Smart Cross Blade (third picture) on the market. The car had no doors, roof or windshield and was a limited edition of just 2,000 units built. Now Smart has a patent office drawings submitted for a similar model.
The ‘new’ Cross Blade is unlike the first model or full doors, but a roof and a windshield missing. More importantly, the design of the car seems to be entirely new.
Among other things, the headlights and taillights are different from the Smart as now for sale. That leaves open the possibility that Crossblade a harbinger for the next generation Smart. In which case, such a trendsetter that already shows what we can expect the new model. However, this does not preclude a best Crossblade can come back. Let’s hope so …

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