Skoda Plans on Unveiling the Octavia 1.6 TSI DSG SE Plus

Skoda Plans on Unveiling the Octavia 1.6 TSI DSG SE Plus

Skoda has launched a new model of the Octavia and the first drive review speaks volumes about the mechanical upgrades that Skoda has performed. The Octavia 1.8 TSI DSG SE Plus has been built on the Volkswagen developed Mk3 platform and is part of the extended Golf family. Skoda plans on introducing the MQB platform as well although plans are in their initial stages.

The MQB platform has been used effectively on the Volkswagen Passat and Polo and the Octavia could also be developed on similar grounds. The biggest market for Skoda at the moment is Russia and China and the Octavia is being designed to tackle the requirements of the target markets. The Octavia is 50 mm longer than the Mk7 platform based Golf and this benefits interior spacing. The overall dimensions have been increased by 90 x 45 x 108 mm, length x breadth x height.

The boot space featured on the vehicle is a massive 590 liter and that is extended once the rear seats are folded. The new Octavia is also 85 kg lighter than its predecessor while the low end model features an additional 16 kg reduction in weight. The exterior has been redesigned and the handling is crisper than before.

The cabin features intricate detailing and standard materials have been used in the interior. The parts do not feel plastic like and decent interior work makes the vehicle stand out from the rest. Volkswagen is planning on launching the new Leon on the Mk7 platform and Skoda could consider designing a vehicle on its terms. Electronic features have been installed on the vehicle to aid driving and the safety measures have been taken to a higher level.

Some of the additional features installed in the vehicle are keyless ignition, automated dip beam, cruise control, panoramic sunroof, traffic sign recognition, and the new Canton audio system. The entertainment features available make the ride quality even better and comfort level is at its maximum. The interior provides decent head, leg and shoulder support and thigh support is decent, hence making the ride comfortable.

The driving position has been enhanced and this gives additional control over the vehicle. The dashboard and instrument cluster is laid out in a neat manner and features all the important gauges. The 1.4 liter entry level engine on the Octavia is quite sporty and powers the car to the optimum level required in the segment. 0 – 60 MPH is achieved in less than 7.5 seconds and the vehicle sports a top speed of 139 MPH. Priced at £17,995, the Octavia is bang for the buck and is a driver’s car from every sphere.

The Octavia 1.8 TSI DSG SE Plus is the best in its segment and rivals the Insignia and the Mondeo. The transmission system is smooth and easy to use while the gear shift ratios are perfectly timed. The Octavia is the perfect car for a peaceful driver however it begs to be let loose once taken to the freeway.

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