Skoda experiments with Fabia designed as a rally car

Skoda experiments with Fabia designed as a rally car

Skoda released its super mini car Fabia in 1999, the Czech leading manufacturer put forward Fabia as a follower of Skoda Felicia. Felicia terminated its production in 2001. Fabia is available in estate, hatchback and saloon. Being based on the Volkswagen Polo MK IV platform, Fabia got FF layout. Currently Fabia is launched in two codes; MK1 and MK2, the 2011 model seem to be a little more refined.

Fabia is assembled not only in Czech Republic, but also in four plants too, they include Aurangabad plant in India, Shanghai plant in China, Solomonovo plant in Ukrain and Ozkemen plant in Kazakhstan. Hatchback model as well as the estate model is of five doors and production of saloon model is terminated soon after its launching. Standard base model engine displacement starts from 1.2 through 1.6 to 1.9 liters, with the transmission system of 4, 5, 6 or 7. Officials said in a direct Q&A session that they are planning to free the customer’s left foot by implementing an automatic gear transmission system. Now itself the car got a cockpit like cabin and dash board equipments. Skoda Fabia is rated among one of the best safety small cars in the NCAP rating tests.

New 2011 Skoda Fabia has been exhibited in the last Geneva Auto Show, which gave enough fame to the Czech variant. Officials calling it a special edition, named as Monte Carlo, seem to be a designer’s car. Exhibited model had a casual fancy look, reflecting a countryside fun drive with your partner. Exterior color of new one is all red-black combination, which makes us remember a rally car. Officials themselves called it a ‘rally car’ in the press release, and hence the name Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo has a big history of rally sports to say, when you dig up through the name. Two tone coloring is considered as the main feature of this special edition, says reviews.

A deeper analysis revealed that there is no ‘so impressive’ performance for Fabia Monte Carlo, but if you like to float through the city in a completely casual way, this is the best option, both in economical and style aspects. Standard test drives revealed that the power train too is not strong enough for new variant. The engine of Monte Carlo is same as the standard Fabia engine, which is of 1.2 liter and delivering 68, 85 or 104 horsepower. Standard transmission seen in base Skoda Fabia is the same transmission system in Monte Carlo version too. Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo will be competing tightly with mini cars like Opel Corsa, reported experts. Other than performance ratings, exterior design specialties are the key market attribute of MC, for these types are hard of competitions to win.

Price of 2011 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo starts in $17,000, rising up to $20,000 depending on technical features and engine options. Currently there is only one color combination available and that is red and black two tone mix.

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