Silvermine: another Dutch car brand?

Silvermine: another Dutch car brand?

We already had a few, but now also Silvermine try a lightweight sports car in small numbers of people to buy them. This new Dutch brand has three liters a Subaru boxer engine to the rear axle of an aluminum chassis.

There is no body ready, but technically the car is at an advanced stage. The engine runs and is basically ready for the first tests. The car weighs only 800 kg, and there are some compromises made to achieve this low weight. Thus, the car no roof, doors and windshield. The advantage is that the annoying guy from the advertising Carglass never need to call disadvantage is that you now that stone headlines instead of your windshield.

The design of the exterior is done by Jochem Hinloopen. The developers want “a public that feels too mature for preventing a Ferrari or a Lamborghini” attract. Difficult task for these manufacturers to beat. In any case, it looks all pretty. There remain two important questions in my mind, When the car is better than its competitors , this concept and the production phase out? In any case I wish them luck! Perhaps Wouter summer after a test drive the flies between his teeth wegflossen! The progress of the prototype is here to follow.

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