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Should a Floristry Shop Invest in a Refrigerated Van?

If you work at or own a flower shop, you are aware of just how delicate flowers can be. Although some types are rather hardy and can withstand the elements, others are fragile and can wilt at the slightest atmospheric change. When it comes to delivering flowers, you might wonder whether making an added investment in a refrigerated van is right for you. Before making that major of a purchase, though, it is vital to consider a few factors in determining whether this move is right for you and your company.

One reason that many florists buy refrigerated vans is because they have to make multiple deliveries throughout a single day. Driving to the flower shop in between deliveries adds unnecessary time and fuel costs, which causes inefficiency in the operations of the business. Your need for a van in this case would be determined by how much area your customer base covers. If you only deliver within a small area, you will probably be able to work with just air conditioning when necessary. However, if you serve a larger area, the refrigeration will definitely come in handy.

Another consideration is the climate. Temperate climates that do not see extreme heat might not need van refrigeration, whereas areas that regularly suffer from stifling heat waves would benefit from a fridge van. However, if this is the case, one money-saving option would be to lease a refrigerated van during the summer months so that flowers do not wilt in the summer heat while you are making deliveries and need to turn off the air conditioner.

Finally, air conditioning might not be enough cooling in some cases. While it may be sufficient as a temporary measure, it can mean that the van heats up in the few minutes that it is turned off during a delivery. Refrigeration ensures that the cooling is sealed in and no flowers are damaged throughout your delivery route.

Overall, the decision to invest in a fridge van is entirely up to you. There are several factors that can influence your decision to buy or lease one, but ultimately the needs of your business and the flexibility of your budget will determine your company’s need for a refrigerated van. Further help and assistance in choosing the right Van can be sought at Buyacar online van dealers, for motorists or companies based in the UK.

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