Shelby Ford unveiled Focus ST

Shelby Ford unveiled Focus ST

Shelby Ford Focus ST is released by the Shelby company in the Detroit Auto Show 2013. They have made some of the upgrading of the car. The new Shelby Ford Focus ST has their standard 246 of bhp Focus ST, which becomes a donor car in this case. The Ford Racing lowered and the uprated suspension is used in their car and they have also integrated the enlarged alloys along with the Brembo brakes with the drilled discs. They have also used a larger bore Borla exhaust in their car.

The company although has made a few changes but the litre 2.0 turbo of the EcoBoost engine is still the same as standard and they have made no changes in it. They have made no changes even though they are working on the optional tune performance of the engine. This will increase the horsepower that it produces. They have made use of new materials like carbon fibre to cover the engine of the car.

With the cha nges made in the engine and the internal part of the car, there are a few changes that were made to the exterior of the car too. The bonnet of the Shelby Ford Focus ST has a new look with an additional RS-style vents. Carbon fibre is added to the front and the bumpers of the car. They Shelby rear wing can also be seen in this car.

The Shelby company offers about three graphic packages for their clients to choose from them. This also has an option of the Shelby standard and traditional Shelby stripes. The stripes that have made the looks of the cars that were designed by the company and which was demanded by the clients.

Despite of all of the changes and upgrading the price of the car is still affordable. Their packages start from about $14,995 (9,300) for their Shelby Focus ST package. And if somebody wants to have the Shelby Ford Focus ST then the price ranges start from about $23,700 or 14,800 in the United States. These rates will be limited for their limited stock. They ha ve about 500 models of the cars available.

The Detroit show enables the car companies to show their latest and upgraded products to the client to show time the advancement and use of technology in their new vehicles. The Shelby company taking these advantages is making their best efforts to get their customers back and to show their work.

The Shelby America Company has used another car to show their debut in this show. The Shelby Mustang of GT500 Super Snake (wide version) was used to do so. This is now available with a wide front that is approximately 10-inch wide and helps the rear wheels for improved grip. The Mustang wide large body kit cost a little more and the price ranges approximately about an extra $14,995. This will remain the same for all the models that includes it. That is that whether you pay money for the typical 653bhp V8 engine of the Super Snake Mustang GT500 or you opt for the uprated model of the car.

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