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Seat Mii Toca and Seat Ibiza Toca version - Auto Types Seat Mii Toca and Seat Ibiza Toca version - Auto TypesAuto Types

Seat Mii Toca and Seat Ibiza Toca version

The SEAT Company has made some changes to their car line up to make space for their two new cars that are Mii and Ibiza Toca. They are ready to release them, an addition to the car family of the SEAT.

These two new cars of the SEAT Company Mii and Ibiza Toca new models have been released by the company for their customers to have a look at the features that they introduced in these cars. The new Mii and Ibiza editions of the cars are totally supported with a concept of the admired and more liked SE trim. The cars also have some additional upgraded feature with some more gears for the clients of the company. The touch screen is included as per the standard of the car company’s Portable arrangement. This gives it the uniqueness of the cars that are produced by the company.

As the portable system is a standard of each car that is designed by the company. This System is consisting of a ca rtridge package-sized component that is connected to the crest of the dashboard of the car. It has all the necessary features that should be included in a new generation car. The controls of the car have a list of new things that can be operated using the 5-inch touch display. It also has a sat-nav along with the Bluetooth headset and acoustic stream utility. There is a place for the Micro SD card for the storage of audio content and many other functions needed in a perfect car.

Other important features of the car that should be highlighted are as if it has a good air conditioning system included in it to help the driver in hot climate. The steering of the car is leather wrapped along with the gear knob too. The car has exciting new electric door mirrors with electric facade windows. It has an electronic stability control that helps these functions to be carried out with ease.

For the Mii Toca version of the car by the company, it will provide you with a benefi t of hav ing a back-parking sensor that will allow you to park your car with an ease. At the same time the Ibiza version of the car have the fog light on the front part of the car that will be increase the driving capabilities of the cars and an advance 15-inch to 16-inch alloy wheels.

The full range of the car is now available with three-door SC hatchback, five-door hatchback and ST estate versions of the car for the clients to choose from them. The cost of the car at starting is about 12,700, 13,200 and 13,920 for the above-mentioned models of the cars.

The Toca are now accessible so book your order. Nevertheless, if you want to buy Mii Toca until March, the cost will be lessened to 850, making it 8,995 for three-door models.

For the Ibiza Toca version, you buy it in March and the cost is reduced by 2,705, so the cost of three-door SC replica is 9,995.

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