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Schnitzer assaults themselves to the Mini Cabrio

Tuner AC Schnitzer has built his compentences top of a Mini Convertible JCW, but of course do not bother with the offer greatest force at the company. Most finery fit just as well on versions with an engine whose stable is less spacious. The company is headquartered in Aachen, you do not have that far to go.

What does AC Schnitzer do?

Well, a front splitter to your Mini lower still seem to do a set of sport springs that allow the knees car actually 30 millimeters lower and a special sport exhaust system shines on the palette. The latter can even be equipped with an adjustable ‘Track’ mode in which the internal valves provide a lot of extra decibels. Furthermore, there are wheeled from the kitchen and who has a brother dying of comfort for the 19-inch specimens with extremely flat footwear. Even more? Yes, aluminum foot pedals for so-called “Technology & Design stickers. You can make it as crazy as you want.

Engine Tuning

AC Schnitzer also motor can provide extra zing. Cooper would rise through to 170hp, while the Cooper S has subsequently 235pk. A nice profit from 43hp. But then the JCW version . Which is 231hp ex-factory already unpalatable, AC Schnitzer however boosted the flagship happy to up to 265hp.

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