Saleen to launch a new Mustang with Big V8 and 640bhp

It was not so earlier when people witnessed Ford’s new Mustang and now they can also enjoy viewing the drive of high performance based, V8 engine with 640bhp power Saleen’s new Mustang.

Saleen has decided that these new models will come up in either black or yellow color. Along with tuned 302, it’s all other details are finalized as well which will come in three different specs. It will have 5.0 liter, V8 with white label at the base packing an enormous amount of 450 horses’ powers.

As stated by company it has a much better oil cooler used in engine, exhaust will give more performance than previous. Also there is short throw shifting switch for manual versions. It will have faster and enhanced tires and brakes will have 13.9 inch and alloys with 20 inch which states these will have bigger size than previous. To buy this you need to deposit $2015.

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