Rumor: Successor Ferrari 612 gets AWD and RWD

Now that the 599 GTO was welcomed well in the Ferrari Maranello back in one family focuses on the development of a successor to the 612 Scaglietti. Forget the current design, the F151 is everything else.

While the Scaglietti is now going through life as the flagship of Ferrari in the next model will be somewhat slow down. Do not expect a poor performance, but a real flagship is not, that role is played by the new Enzo – codenamed F70 – which we expect next year in Frankfurt. The cost would be lower, which you now for the February 2 € 300,000 pay a little – obviously with some options – you would have to pay less the next model.

Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo said in an interview that the Scaglietti maybe even a separate brand to evolve. Obviously, there is still a climb horse acting to be found, but with the arrival of a hybrid drive like a new Ferrari road rise with a simple, one extra sporty hybrid and a Scaglietti? All still quite vague, only time will tell how the new 612 will be positioned. The design will be totally different, so it will tend toward a shooting brake. That makes us immediately think of the 612 Shooting Brake by Dutchman Dirk Vander Brink. The current spyshots not much we can infer Ferrari tries us with perhaps unnecessary extra camouflage to distract.

The new 612 is one -on-top and comfortable Grand Tourer and want to mainly compete with the new Bentley GT. Because this type of trucks will need of a safe and comfortable handling one will probably install a special powertrain, with both rear-and four-wheel drive. From the start to a speed of 130 km / h all-wheel-drive at higher speeds, the full power to the rear wheels. Ferrari wheel drive may sound like thunder clouds in a clear sky, but the completely new V12 engine (good for 650-670 hp) and the all-new dual-clutch 7 to move to make the drive feel and driving dynamics are still perfectly consistent with the known Ferrari feeling.

The new V12 engine would later find its way into the successor to the 599, scheduled for 2012. Ferrari also wants better range of separate, so we would not be allowed to see striking similarities between the sports range with 458 and California and the GT range with the 599 and 612. Furthermore, the Italians have no plans for a four-door coupe or SUV, they stay true to their roots.

The Scaglietti Ferrari is currently the oldest in the current range and has never been a best seller. The Ferraritop was aware from the start, hence the planned sales figures were not met. With a low sales it takes longer before minor teething problems to emerge and be resolved, something they sell in Italia toppers like the 458 did not. Ferrari is currently already launched a preview of round 612 for a select audience, the official launch will follow the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011. Until there is more information and clear pictures emerge, we must content themselves with this new spyvideo.

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