Road test: Toyota Auris Hybrid (HSD)

Toyota, the hybrid technology in the future in each of its models introduce. The first car besides the Prius such a cure-HSD receives the Toyota Auris HSD.

The Toyota Auris is the successor to the Toyota Corolla. That model was a bit dated, so changed the name of the Toyota Corolla to Auris and refreshes it here and there suddenly some vital parts. After introducing the latest version, there was also a hybrid version of the Auris, which uses the hybrid drive system of the Toyota Prius. The Toyota Auris HSD is only with a trained eye to distinguish it from the Toyota Auris. And that certainly plays to his advantage for buyers who want a hybrid, but the special design of the Prius, but found nothing and in fact prefer a ‘normal’ car ride. On the outside he is only recognized on the basis of its badge-HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) and its LED lights on the front who serve as daytime running lights. Which also consume less than halogen bulbs and fit perfectly in the environmentally friendly image of the Auris HSD. Anyone who has eagle eyes, will make note that the logo of the Toyota Auris HSD bathed in a blue haze.

Inside the Toyota Auris HSD is very similar to the inside of the Toyota Auris. The dials are somewhat reworked, where you get to the Auris is the tachometer, you’ll find the Auris a power meter. That shows how much power the Auris used and how battery is charging. To the environmental nature of the Auris HSD in the limelight, the dials are fitted with a blue ring. In the center console, we find a compact and sophisticated gear back, which is positioned quite high. A comfortable position that is easily accessible. Among the gear there are three different buttons to find. The EV button allows the driver of the Auris HSD to copy only the battery of the car to drive. Consumption is down to 0 liters per 100 km, but when accelerating too much or when the battery is not enough energy, this mode is not switched on. Eco-drivers can choose the Eco mode. That makes the throttle less sharp which reduces consumption would remain on the low side. If you still need to add quite some power, you can choose the PWR mode. This mode is most enjoyable to drive.

The Toyota Auris HSD by a 1.8 liter VVTi engine with 99 horsepower and an electric motor powered by 82 hp. Together provide an output of 136 hp. Who knows how to control his right foot, was 3.8 liters per 100 km on the clock should be able to conjure. And actually, when you travel throughout the city and looking to use your battery you can achieve this consumption. If you also go on the motorway, drive consumption rapidly rising. Who so much on the motorway, the reported consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 km can not achieve. We knew after a week test driving 4.5 liters per 100 km to achieve, but here it had a lot of effort. Who normally runs smoothly and with the traffic moves along, may come out around 5.3 liters per 100 km. Auris HSD is 11.2 seconds in the threshold of 100 km / h cross. Is not really fast, but this performance figure is definitely enough for everyday driving. Its emission figure of 89 grams of CO2 per km, buyers have the right to a ecopremie Auris HSD from 15% to the price tag. To next year ecopremie is no longer valid, but does the government have a policy for tax-efficient gasoline cars. The Toyota Auris HSD falls below and will be cheaper due to government intervention.

At the price of HSD Auris is € 23.745. That makes the Auris HSD not immediately the most economical car, but the tax relief that is attached, is definitely worth it. For the Sol version that includes automatic ignition of the lamps, a rain sensor, keyless go, and includes a reversing camera, you pay € 25.550. The most complete option package will be called Premium and it will cost you € 28.210. For that price you get another xenon headlights, leather seats and a navigation system. This implementation, we provide a test and we were quite satisfied with the quality of interior materials and options. Anyone who buys an Auris HSD automatically given an Eco-Drive level indicator. Turn your car off, this indicator shows how environmentally friendly you do (or not) drove. All three bars filled, then you have a high eco-score. A nice gadget to encourage people to adapt their driving style. But whether it is effective ..

The Toyota Auris is a reasonably sharp steering and the car Auris HSD is no different. The wheel of our test model is well in hand and is pretty keen to operate. Auris HSD am confident enough to offer in corners, but he has no track champion, will certainly not be surprised. Therefore he is not fast enough and has too many problems with understeer. In wet conditions, the ESP system does a fair amount of action to the car in its place. But that action happens again a very correct way. Generally leaves the Auris in terms of safe driving and sharp impression. Compared to its bigger brother hybrid Auris HSD shows that a world of difference. In the positive sense. HSD gives the Auris a harmonious and solid impression, something the Prius could not always deliver. Accelerate the Auris HSD is relatively smooth, you feel the car has power over what is reasonable. Unfortunately, that capability is not fully reflected by the CVT gearbox. This sounds good when accelerating an unpleasant sound of the engine that constantly fairly high speed. With the CVT box finds Auris HSD for all speeds and weather conditions or an appropriate relationship.

In summary, we propose that the HSD Toyota Auris Toyota hybrid is actually a while ago should have made. Auris HSD feels much more harmonious than the Prius. He is a lot cheaper – but not necessarily cheap – and also looks a lot more conventional than the – too? – Futuristic Prius. This is a car available to a wider audience. Auris HSD can not fully live up to environmentally ambitions, it consumes slightly more than Toyota specify. But who would begin a search for a car in the same segment plays about as much power available, runs on petrol and reduce fuel consumption, can already give up his quest. There are simply no competitors for the Auris HSD. And should you find it, please let me know to Toyota. When you find one, then you get the Auris HSD gift just as surely they are of their much!


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+ Conventional hybrid

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