Renault workshop wrapped accident claims quickly

Renault repair by “Fair Play” covered claims management

Each workshop Renault is now offering the “fair play” approach to quick and easy settlement of accident claims to. This payment Renault repair Allows a new cooperation with the Allianz Versicherungs AG.

In the Renault workshop Guarantees the customer-friendly model of Renault drivers with Allianz Insurance or insurance quick and professional repairs. The Renault Germany, Allianz AG and closed the agreement in the course of the Renault dealer Congress on 20 November 2010 in Munich. “The customer can in future be immediately and without extensive consultation with the insurer and the repairer to repair in order,” raised funds Christophe Berger, Chief Quality and customer service, the benefits of cooperation forth. “In addition, the repair Guarantees the Renault partners the proper execution of all work,” said Juergen Schumacher, president of the Association of German Renault Dealers.

Renault repair released within two hours

Even before the Renault Repair gets the garage at any damage immediately, automatically and authentic feedback from Allianz Insurance, Which Reduces the “Fair Play” claims management effort for the customer to a Considerable extent. Vehicle inspections in the Renault garage to be Carried out only in exceptional cases. With Appropriate liability coverage and the customer experiences without waiting that the damage repair costs and possibly further investigation as rent a car over.

All major work in the Renault garage covered

The new “Fair Play” Accident and claims management for each Renault garage include all Necessary repairs, including body and paint work and accident assistance and Renault Assistance benefits. Also included the Renault repair concept glass works, Which represent a majority of all Necessary work. “In general, the workshop gets within two hours, the repair approval,” Berger added funds. In addition, the customer has the assurance that all work performed according to manufacturer specifications using the latest repair technology and original spare parts.

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