Renault Revealed Duster Extreme Concept, a Genuine Off-Roader

Renault Revealed Duster Extreme Concept, a Genuine Off-Roader

Renault has revealed the Duster Extreme Concept at the Auto Show in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The concept vehicle is developed by Renault Design Latin America or RADL, the company’s design center based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and shows an extreme off-roader. Unfortunately, the car presented with great fanfare is just a demonstration model. So it will not be on sale and is unlikely to become reality in the near future.

However, the car deserves public attention because it looks spectacular. As the name suggests, the Renault Extreme Concept is a pure off-road vehicle with more aggressive lines and accessories that can withstand extreme field conditions.

The Duster Extreme is a variant of the SUV which carries forward the “tough” look of the car, turning it into a genuine off-roader, which gives the impression that it can tackle with no problems any kind of terrain. Designed to attract the attention of off-road enthusiasts to its capabilities, the Duster Extreme will not be put on sale, but additional accessories, new materials and inspiring shades used by Renault for it will certainly be required in the future for those who wish an affordable off-roader.

The Duster Extreme Concept previews a number of enhanced capabilities compared to the usual Duster. Even though this model is the only one to be shown, the Duster is equipped with an engine having a displacement of 2.0 liters, which became very popular among enthusiasts. This engine is special and is complemented by a higher level of equipment and accessories.

Renault has not given many details about the unit mounted under the hood of the concept. The 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine produces 143 horsepower at 5750 rpm. The production version Duster 4×4 has a manual gearbox with six speeds, but strangely the images inside the Duster Extreme Concept suggest that the engine of the concept is connected to a manual gearbox with five-speeds.

In addition, the Duster Extreme Concept is distinguished by the materials used, but also through the colors. On the outside, the car has a gray bodywork and red accessories, which reminds us of mountain rescue vehicles in South America, off-road tires and a raised suspension and a towing hitch. If you look closely, the images published in the online environment, we can see that the concept car has side skirts and a set of LED lights mounted on the ceiling. Also, the spoilers and front and rear bars are modified to make it look more powerful.

The special edition has plenty of new features, such as lamps mounted on high ground clearance, a glossy black grille, and a ceiling with yellow mustard rails.
Inside, everything is finished in black, but there are touches of red to complement the exterior design. On the dashboard the word “EXTREME” is inscribed, which reminds the driver the car’s name, plus the steering wheel is constructed by specialists in two colors.

The comfortable seats from interior are covered with protective covers which are equipped with zippers in order to be removed and washed. In addition to complete the interior design, black fabric appears on the door’s ornaments which have contrast stitching.

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