Renault Promises Ground Breaking Technologies in the Soon-to-be-unveiled Twingo

Renault Promises Ground Breaking Technologies in the Soon-to-be-unveiled Twingo

Renault says that the company has managed to reinvent the way small cars are designed thanks to their latest small car, the Renault Twingo. The Twingo is based on new designing measures and features a rear engine along with a rear drive arrangement which boost up interior space. The Twingo is due to be unveiled by late next year and insiders claim that the vehicle has been designed in a muscular manner, keeping in mind important and revolutionary designing aspects which plan on increasing interior space.

The car will fight an incredible battle with more interior space along with lesser exterior dimensions. The Twingo is based on an all new platform designed in accordance with Daimler. The new platform is also expected to host the new Smart Forfour and the Fortwo. Renault is starting all over again, with Daimler in the toe and the company plans on reaching new heights.

Building the new platform was a step in the positive direction and the Twingo was designed quite accidentally when the engineering and designing team was working on a new rear engine car. The engine compartment will be shifted to the rear of the vehicle while the instrument panel will be shifted in front. This as a result will provide more space to the interior of the vehicle.

Although the boot space has taken a hit, the general functionality of the cabin has been enhanced and this gives the Twingo a practical feature of existence. The Twingo has undoubtedly taken designing cues from the Twin’Z and the Twin’Run Concept which were showcased at the Monaco Grand Prix circuit this year. While the Twin’Z is an electric while the Twin’Run operates in conventional sources of fuel, the Twingo is powered by a petrol hybrid power train.

This vehicle was designed by the enthusiasts and has the best of both the concepts. The dimensions and traction abilities of the Twingo enables this vehicle to drive on track. The advanced electronic drive assistance measures make sure that the Twingo remains within the control of the driver at all times. The iconic shape of the vehicle also saves up on cost and weight and gives the vehicle an edge over its market competitors.

The Twingo is a very light weight hatch back which gives it a great power to weight ratio. The car is expected to provide great fuel efficiency while smooth handling and acceleration are the other two most important features of this vehicle. Renault has paid close interest into the detaining work which has finally paid off. Although the details of the specification and interior has not been revealed as of yet, Renault is expected to make an official announcement regarding the Twingo quite soon.

The Renault Twingo bears some similarities with the Fiat 500 and the leading monocoque chassis is one of the primary similarities enjoyed by both vehicles. Pedestrian safety measures have also been installed in the vehicle and this is expected to pay off in terms of the European NCAP ratings.

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