Renault Clio successful first test drive

Renault Clio successful first test drive

Well, apart from the huge money, mega-horse power arena of La Ferrari and McLaren P1, Renault Clio Renault sport 200 Turbo is one of the most awaited cars of the year. This car serves out to be a big bang for not that much of money, it has 197bhp and can hit 62mph in 6.7sec, but still it costs just £18,995 in basic form, or £19,995 in the LUX trim.

LUX helps in controlling the climate unlike the normal air conditioner. There is a 7inches touch screen for operating r-link multimedia system. This r-link feature is very helpful in the race track as it allows the driver to exchange circuit telemetry with the other users.

It also allows the stereo for playing good quality tricks. Some effective algorithms have been put into the r-link system and this enables it to keep a track with what the driver does with the throttle, gear change, brakes, etc. the stereos are also capable of transforming the sounds made by the Clio into range of seminal racings of days gone by.

The Clio Renault Sport 200 has made a genuine attempt to keep the environment clean and so it is fitted with a smaller engine of 1.6 litre turbo charged, which has got the capacity of delivering 44.8mpg and144g/km. it has also got an automatic transmission with a dual clutch.

Though this is a bold but still a fair move from Renault to use automatic double clutches, only the future will tell that whether there’s decision were good enough to not use a manual gear option.

It is enough to engage the enthusiast from what is provided by the Clio Renault sports 200 on the papers. It was reported that according to the folks it is comparable to three different cars under the same roof. In the RS normal driving mode, it is a soothing, smooth family car, but if the magic button which is placed behind the seats is pressed then the sports mode becomes activated.

After the sports mode is on, the gear gets snappier, the steering becomes meatier, alters are responded by the throttle and a bit more slip is allowed by the traction control. It can be said that one stroke changes the Clio into a hot hatch.

If the magic button is thumbed up once again then the race mode becomes active. In the race mode, there is no traction mode and the gear is controlled fully manually. It can be said that the Clio becomes a legal road racer in this mode.

Truly speaking that the drive is extremely comfortable and the steering gets meaty with each change in modes. It’s rousing exhaust note and excellent acceleration makes it an extremely exciting piece on a straight road.

The car is now much healthier, friendlier, much softer, more usable and is more civilized than the previous models

The core demand of the Clio Renault sport 200 Turbo has changed and therefore it will obviously attract a different group of customers.

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