Remodeled new 2016 Audi Q7 SUV fully revealed at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

The all-new redesigned 2016 Audi Q7 being company’s midsized SUV has been released at recent held 2015 Detroit Auto Show. This considerably slimmed down luxury SUV offers on its inside space with more room as compared to its current model. Also, it delivers superior mileage and has the latest connectivity and safety features.

However, compared to its outgoing version, the mix of aluminum and steel used to build new chassis sheds lots of the new Q7 body weights. Even though the model has been focusing on its mass reduction, still it got rear wheel-steering which can be seen in its feature. Despite, the weight has been saved it include all-wheel drive, but no 8-cylinder engine been offered as an option either.

Moreover, shedding length by 1.5-inches and its width a bit the exterior body of new Q7 is slight smaller, but do offers more room space for head, shoulder and to the knee. This new released model at 2015 Detroit Auto Show unveils with curb weight of the latest Q7 to around total 4,400pounds, shedding up-to the 715pounds with improved fuel economy. Comparing with current model, this new SUV Q7 front-end is lower which gives styling hint of its visual mass reductions.

Also, at the up-front it includes Audi’s single-frame sharper rendition radiator grille which is inspired from that of Euro-spec Q3 facelift. Along with it, the model does have LED technology angular packed headlights and its more chiseled design feature taillights reveal latest rectangular tail-lamps. The model consists on the both sides of door-bottom with a chrome trim and having aluminum brushed roof rails gives it a premium touch appearance.

In the recent held 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Audi confirmed that an additional engine offered with detuned rated TDI available is powered with four-cylinder 2.0L TFSI which develops 218bhp and 368lb/ft of torque that makes a twist of 252 ponies and 272lb/ft of torque. Thus, in U.S market the Q7 model is offered with two TFSI along with 272bhp TDI units linked to tiptronic 8-speed transmission.

However, in Europe there will be a choice of two V6-engines having four-cylinder with each backed by auto 8-speed transmission gearbox. One is powered with turbo-diesel TDI 3.0L rated units at 272bhp that produces 442lb/ft of torque. Its standard acceleration speed is 0-60mph in time 6.3 seconds also in combined European cycle it returns to 41mpg. The next engine is available with gas-burning TFSI 3.0L which develops 333bhp and 324lb/ft of torque. It runs at speed 0-60 in less time of 6.1 seconds and allows in mixed cycle to return 30mpg.

In its production run, the Q7 lineup adds a plug-in hybrid diesel-electric drive-train. It is available with V6 TDI 3.0L which works into 8-speed transmission gearbox with the integrated compact electric-motor. Hence, the power develops full up-to 373bhp and produces 516lb/ft of torque. Moreover, at 2015 Detroit Auto Show the new 2016 Audi Q7 e-tron quattro has been revealed that even when both power sources runs, the mixed cycle returns 138mpg and also can drive up-to 34-miles alone with just the electricity which charge on lithium-ion battery.

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