Redesign of Aston Martin Rapid S

Aston Martin one of the most popular luxury automobile producers in the world the most dominant Aston Martin has been launched in Malaysia by the official importers and distributor this brand in the country. This new model name a Rapid S which is the advance version of Rapid E and it is no longer in production. This Rapid S model has been redesigned by the engineers of Aston Martin. This is one of the most successful cars of Aston Martin so that is the reason there produced the car with new name series and with new enhances features just for the sake of their position in the market. This vehicle is considered as the most beautiful and well balanced 4 seat sports vehicles.

Current news about the design of Rapid S is that it is striking new full grille rather than to form dual grille. According to the function Rapid S is approximately same to the previous one but the larger grille design makes the car look alike sportier, it helps to circulate the air more into the engine to make the engine cool. The back of the car has been redesigned, due to which the sporty looks of this car enhance. The changes could not be recognized by a naked eye, according to engine up-gradation it has AM11 6.0 liter V12 power engine which has capacity to boost 17% more power than the previous model. This is some new and active effort by the engineers of Aston Martin.

This latest engine is a combo of the fully CNC engine. With all these it has a horsepower capacity of 555 while the RPM is 6750 and the peak torque was noticed 620 N-m which is 20Nm greater than their previous model. The sprint time of this car is 0.3 second, the new Rapid S takes only 4.9 second to reach a speed of 100 kilometers from the rest, and the top speed of this coupe is 306 kilometers per hour. Due to the utilization of latest technologies the new Rapid S has sharper and most rapid driving response so that every drive can enjoy the ride of Rapid S.

The mechanism of the car automatically detects the behavior and change the setting of the car as per requirement. As we talk about the interior of the car, it has better interior to attract people as compared to the previous one. The panel or buttons on the car are purely made up with carbon fiber. With all these facilities it has a full black interior pack, mirror like interior fascia and beautiful handles and locks. Aston Martin is always famous for its style; they have never compromised yet on styling. Now the most important thing is about the price of this coupe, it starts from RM 189, 888, 8 which is available at the officials Aston Martin showrooms. So if you want to purchase this stylish and sporty looks car for your drive then you should go and purchase that coupe to be a style icon.

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