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Range Rover Evoque grows extra doors

At the Paris Motor Show Land Rover showed us the Evoque. A three-door, but though her Posh Spice tried to image them immediately to bring down, here’s the second chance: a five-lined almost as dynamic as the two doors.

The 5-door is as long and wide as the coupe, but is 3cm higher. This gives back a tad more head space. In width were Land Rover’s engineers even 5cm, thanks to an intelligent design of the doors. Who the impression of space even further into the paint to set, can still opt for a huge panoramic sunroof.

The high over the ears pulled rising beltline, sloping roofline and sloping tailgate do not mean that all the space on board is sacrificed to the design. The best practical approach is Evoque five, the rear is in two unequal parts (60/40) and folding if you do, you can be up to 1.445l lost luggage.

Europe is expected to fall for the diesel. Under the hood sits a 2.2 liter that choice (and budget) 150 or 190pk can provide. The only petrol engine is a turbocharged Ford borrowed two liters. A four-cylinder with a respectable power output of 240pk.
The Evoque will be more than 160 countries appear in the catalog. That happens from next summer.

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