Qoros Will Provide First Revolutionary Engine Lacking Camshaft!

Qoros Will Provide First Revolutionary Engine Lacking Camshaft!

It seems that the Chinese from Qoros are not satisfied with the success achieved in safety tests in order to assert itself in force in the automotive world. The Chinese manufacturer needed a technology with which it would not only assert itself but also revolutionize the automotive world!

And this technology is called Qamfree – or the engine without camshaft. For more than a century internal combustion engines have been equipped with the camshaft, which manages the valves in extremely limited ranges. These limits can be extended through variable management systems, such as VTEC (Honda), VANOS (BMW), Valvetronic (BMW) or MultiAir (Fiat). Koenigsegg worked on the technology which totally excludes camshaft from the cylinder head since 2000, and has tested this on the SAAB models! And now, this technology will go into series production on the Qoros models.

After disclosed this engine in pre-production version on a concept presented at the Auto Show in Beijing, Qoros presented the production version of the Qamfree thruster on a Qoros 3 Hatchback model at the Auto Salon from Guangzhou. Therefore, the Chinese will be the first manufacturer that will use technology developed by the Swedes from FreeValve AB – engineering division of Koenigsegg, located in Angelholm, Sweden.
The revolutionary technology of those from FreeValve totally excludes the camshaft. In its place electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators for each valve individually have been installed. These devices ensure the opening or closing of valves, exactly when needed.

Due to this technology, disconnecting two cylinders of the four is carried out in an extremely simple way, given that the valves are independent and can be controlled individually. According to the Swedes, thanks to this technology 47 percent more power and by 45 percent more torque can be obtained but also with 15 percent less fuel consumption; the emissions are reduced too, compared to a similar propellant! This way the turbo unit with a displacement of 1.6 liters develops 230 hp and 320 Nm of torque!

Moreover, the engine is more compact, 70 mm shorter and 50 mm lower and the weight is reduced by 20 kg. The engine will be cheaper in production, lacking full synchronization gear and the two camshafts, valves, direct injection (has multipoint injection) and other systems without which a conventional propulsion could not work while the Qamfree engine does not need them.

According to Christian von Koenigsegg, this technology will not save engines with internal combustion, but certainly will prolong their life.
Urban Carlson, CEO for FreeValve,stated that the “production-intent engine offers Qoros significant savings in emissions, cost, and weight. It also offers many benefits to vehicle owners in terms of a near 50 percent increase in both power and torque, while actually reducing fuel consumption.” Christian von Koenigsegg fully agrees, adding that the first live demo of this engine represents a step “closer to mass production of FreeValve technology.”

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