PSA Peugeot-Citroen is seeking partners help to share financial burden for Hybrid-Air technology

Gilles Le Borgne says that to develop Hybrid Air which also known as ingenious-hybrid system for Peugeot-Citroen seems to be proved expensive and so only PSA seeks for the need of technical partners to aid with sharing financial burden so as to bring this technology to market. In recent Paris Auto Show, Peugeot have already been shown Hybrid Air technology fitted with 208 systems.

This system saves CO2 emission and fuel consumption about 30% delivering it to real world although its production run requires per year economic of about 500,000 models as it needs lots of the component like special gearboxes, hydraulic motors and also 300-bar tanks of gas which are not found currently in cars.

PSA is looking through Bosch component supplier group as suitable partners, but due to slow response seems disappoint. Le Borgne says, “Hybrid-Air technology development is ready, but it requires big investment and by our own we are yet not ready for making through it”.

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