Presale starts of Audi A1

Presale starts of Audi A1

Audi has started the presale of the Audi A1. The premium compact city car is available from 15,800 euros.

Audi has opened order books for the A1, A1, interested can as of today their order from the European Audi dealers. The A1 will be available from 15,800 euros and, at the start with two engine versions for sale. The interest in the A1 is high, more than 103,000 customers have already given up to be notified when the sales start of the model. The Facebook page was a success, with over 20,000 fans A1. 90% of the target customers have never had an Audi.

“I’ve never seen such a high interest in a new model seen before the start of the sale,” Notes Peter Schwarzenbauer, Head of Marketing at Audi. “Judging from the high demand it seems that the orders will exceed production this year.” Audi Brussels will already be music to the ears, after the downsizing of former VW Forest finally see their future assured. This year to 50,000 models of the Audi A1 of the bands in Brussels. Next year it plans to sell 80,000 mark for the eventual annual average of 100,000 copies sold. Every day 500’s A1 of the bands, spread over two shifts.

The new A1 is a young audience before him win a sporty design, sporty performance, low fuel consumption and compact dimensions make it ideal for city use. The model will be launched with two engines, a 1.4 TFSI and 1.6 TDI. Later I get a 1.2 TFSI top. Furthermore, the possibilities seem endless to personalize the A1, so there may be more than 28,000 different combinations can be made.


86 hp 1.2 TFSI Audi A1 from 15.800 euro
105 hp 1.6 TDI Audi A1 from 18.800 euro
Audi A1 1.4 TFSI 122 hp from 19.900 euro

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