Premiere for Volkswagen's New I.D. BUZZ - The T1 Reinterpretation! • Premiere for Volkswagen's New I.D. BUZZ - The T1 Reinterpretation! •Auto Types

Premiere for Volkswagen’s New I.D. BUZZ – The T1 Reinterpretation!

The symbol of flower-power era from the 50s and 70s, and one of the most recognizable models in the history of Volkswagen will be reborn in 2022 as full-electric buses, which implicitly would benefit from a completely autonomous running system.
Officially called Type 2, but known in popular culture under the names Volkswagen Bus, Volkswagen Microbus or Volkswagen Bulli, the car that revolutionized transportation of people in Europe and the United States after the Second World War receives an ultramodern version in the form of I.D. Buzz concept.
Just four months ago, Volkswagen introduced the younger sibling of I.D. BUZZ at the show in Paris: I.D. – also revolutionary. A compact electric car which will be launched from 2020 with a range of up to 600 kilometers. The first car that will go into series production is based on the MEB concept.
Also, this is the first Volkswagen car concept that can be driven in fully automatically. The new I.D. BUZZ is now the first MPV that makes this possible: it requires only a slight push of the steering wheel, and it retracts instantly, integrates into the dashboard and switches the I.D. BUZZ from manual mode to the full autonomous I.D. Pilot mode (expected from 2025).
Furthermore, you can rotate the driver’s seat and the driver can sit in front of the rear passengers. The laser scanners, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, video cameras with peripheral vision, and a frontal video camera, scan the surrounding area for traffic data, received using the computerized system, Cloud to ensure safe driving.
I.D. BUZZ has no conventional dashboard. The MPV displays instead the basic information through an AR (augmented reality) Head-up display (display on the windshield) in the driver’s field of vision – in 3D virtual format overlay on the road. Features like infotainment functions and climate control are operated via removable tablet. Meanwhile, the main driving controls are on the steering wheel.
Use of space in the concept car, which has up to eight seats, is better than any other electric vehicle. Placing multi-variable seating and the integration of interactive features in the I.D. BUZZ offers many possibilities.
Thanks to the extensive MEB XL platform, with a length of 4,942 mm, 1,976 mm width and 1,963 mm height, the concept vehicle also provides, for its class, extraordinary dimensions inside. However, I.D. BUZZ is not only a giant in terms of space; thanks to its design it is one of the most comfortable cars in the world. At 3,300 mm, the wheelbase is very long. The battery is located in the middle, in the floor of the vehicle. It lowers the center of gravity and ensures perfect weight distribution.
The I.D. BUZZ suspension with shock absorbers is electronically controlled, ensuring a high-class comfort. The all-wheel drive system with zero emission, with an output power of 275 kW / 374 hp (front and rear electric motors, each delivering 150 kW) is the perfect match for the dynamic character of the car. The I.D. BUZZ version presented at Detroit reaches 100 km / h in 5 seconds; the maximum speed is limited to 160 km / h.
I.D. Buzz presented at the exhibition in Detroit, fully follows Volkswagen’s strategy with the slogan “We make the future real.”

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