Porsche Working on Panamera S E-Hybrid

A 2.1 ton vehicle, reaching top speeds of 167 MPH, while returning a steady fuel economy of 91 MPG, might seem a little odd at first, but wait till you see the latest Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid in action. This vehicle has every feature, associated with its standard variant, which makes it a gullible performer, both on road and track.

Now, add to that, a powerful electric motor and the whole equation will take an all new turn. A vehicle displacing this much power, while returning such high fuel economy has been drawn on paper numerous times, but no car maker has actually gone ahead with designing a proto type, let alone work on production plans.

This idea was conceived as impractical and expensive at first, although, Porsche did push on for mass market production and looks like this has paid off. Stay tuned for detailed market review, as we gain access to it.

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