Porsche Panamera Gets V6 Engine With 330 HP and a Long-Wheelbase Version

Porsche Panamera Gets V6 Engine With 330 HP and a Long-Wheelbase Version

At the Los Angeles Auto Show (November 18 – 27, 2016), Porsche presented the basic version of the Panamera, offering a V6 Turbo engine, rated at 330 hp. Instead, the customers who want superior comfort and want to ride with a driver can now count on the Executive option that comes with a longer wheelbase.

After Porsche officially unveiled the new generation Panamera in its Panamera S (440 hp, optional all-wheel drive), Panamera Turbo (550 hp, all-wheel drive standard), Panamera E-Hybrid (462 hp, four-wheel drive standard) and Panamera diesel (422 hp) variants, the German manufacturer comes with an version with entry-level motorization and longer wheelbase versions, available with all engines.

Therefore, the most accessible version of the Porsche will be V6 Turbo engine, running on gasoline and which develops some 330 hp. It does not have a special name, being called simply Panamera, and its price tag has not yet been communicated by the manufacturer from Stuttgart.

The basic version of the Panamera gets a 20 hp increases compared to the older generation. However, the official fuel consumption announced for the German model decreases with one liter per 100 km compared to the previous version. Now, the official figures stand at 7.5 liters / 100 km for the basic option in the Panamera range.

Like in most other versions of the German model, this version can be ordered with a four-wheel drive too. This is recognized by the official name Panamera 4. The official fuel consumption announced by Porsche for this variant is 7.7 liters / 100 km.

The other big novelty which makes its appearance in the case of the Panamera is the long wheelbase version dedicated to those who want more space in the back. Built specially for clients who prefer the comfort of a limousine driven by a dedicated driver the Executive version can be ordered with all-wheel drive versions of the Panamera, which means it is available on the Panamera 4 Executive (330 hp), the Panamera 4S Executive (440 hp), the Panamera E-Hybrid Executive (462 hp) and the Panamera Turbo Executive (550 hp).

It is built around the right back place, which should enjoy the whole comfort that is offered by Porsche’s model. The Panamera Executive offers a number of additional elements compared to the classic versions of the German model.

With its basic equipment, the Executive versions of the Panamera comes with a large panoramic roof with active suspension package, PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management), and heated seats with multidirectional adjustment. Moreover, the higher power versions, Panamera 4S Executive and Panamera Turbo Executive, provide direction on all four wheels and soft-close doors. In addition, the Turbo variant benefits exclusively from four air conditioning areas, LED headlights with dynamic automatic adjustment and ambient lighting.

A common element on the all Executive versions is the center console, built especially for the increased wheelbase version of the Panamera. To this we add the Rear-Seat Entertainment (RSE) package which offers 10.1-inch displays, integrated into the backrests of the front seats and can be taken apart and used as tablets when not in the car.

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