Porsche 911 spearheads the manufacturer to the top of sports car market

The competition among the leading manufacturers of sports cars is increasing by the day. There has been a lot of speculation regarding where each of the manufacturing brands stand when it comes to the impact of their car models as sports car.

Porsche has been one of the leading manufacturers of sports car for quite a long time now. They have produced great sports car models such as the Porsche 991 which has singlehandedly dominated the sports car market from the time of its launch. There have been many other launches that have strengthened the position of Porsche as a sports car manufacturer.

The Porsche 911 is the latest inclusion to this series. The launch of this car proves yet again how serious Porsche is about performing on the race tracks. Like its predecessors, Porsche 911 is also a magnificent and one of a kind sports car that has been introduced to the market.

The new 2013 Porsche 911 has been released specially to compete in the GT3 racing tour. This again proves the performing ability of the car as it hopes not only to compete, but win one of the most gruelling and monstrous car races ever created.

The 911 is somewhat based on the designs of the 991, and is quite different from the earlier 997 series. The car is built for the tracks. It has amazing power and great efficiency, a combination that can help it win races.

The 3.8 litres engine packs enough power to propel the car to the peak of success. The engine can produce as much as 460 horsepower at about 7500 rotations per minute. This kind of combination is ideal for all racing vehicles and Porsche has managed to materialise this combination.

The rear wheel drive and the six speed manual control transmission system assists the great performance of the engine. The 18 inch aluminium wheels that support the structure of the car also give a sense of security to the car. Even the chassis of the car has been modified for better support and better load carrying capacity.

The racing version of the Porsche 911 is a very safe and secure drive for the racer. The driver is very secure at all times by a protective cage. The driver is secured even at the time of a mishap or a crash with the help of this cage. There is an escape hatch for the driver to get free in case of a crash. There is also an airbag, a standard in all sports car, to strengthen the security system. There is also extra security in the front and rear bumpers.

There are also some detailing works done in the Porsche 911. The HID and LED lights used in the model of the car are very impressive. The front and rear window control is also very easy. The overall controls of the car are very easy to operate.

The car as a whole is an ideal sports car. The car has excellent design and performance and is bound to succeed.

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