Plug in Hybrid to be used in the Porsche’s Panamera

The most demanded Hybrid technology is being used nowadays by almost many of the prominent car manufacturer globally. The demand for the hybrid is increasing day by day for the purpose to save the gasoline resources for the upcoming generations, as their reserves are becoming lesser and lesser day by day. There is a big need of such sort of technology that replaces this gasoline fuel with some other, hybrid technology is the best available option for everyone, why Porsche would stay back if all the other prominent car manufacturers like it are using this most demanded technology.

Porsche have planned to introduce the plug in hybrid system for the Panamera model, they will setup this technology in their upcoming 2014’s edition of Porsche’s Panamera. This plan by Porsche would be considered to be the best step taken by them, keeping in view that the existing Panamera model is considered to be the most demanded model especially in the European region.

Giving you a little intro about the plug in hybrid system, this technology is slightly different as compare to the simple Hybrid system. In simple hybrid based car, the car is installed with the electric motor which obtains its power form the Lithium ion battery package however the low powered petrol or diesel engine is also placed with it to use in case if the battery ran out. The battery is charged by only the household circuit and in has no internal connection with the gasoline engine placed inside like the newly produced Toyota Yaris.

The plug in Hybrid system has got something different in it, the batteries can also be charged with the gasoline engine, and if the battery ran out, the car automatically switch on the gasoline based engine which runs the car and also charges the battery side by side. This plug in technology is more convenient as compare to the simple hybrid technology and it also extends the overall mileage of the car too.

This fact might be in your knowledge that the Volkswagen AG owns 49% share of the Porsche’s AG sport car business. The VW officials has announced that the futures Porches prominent models like Carerra and the 911 series car will also have this plug in Hybrid system in their 2015’s model.

Volkswagen has also decided this to do with their own manufactured cars like the newly manufactured the Up model which presently was setting up its debut at the Geneva Motor Show and the Golf version too.

The full features of this new 2013’s model of Porsche Panamera has not been revealed by the VW officials but this job would also be done with the passage of time, seems like the future of gasoline based cars have is going to be finished soon by the use of Hybrid technology.

This new Porsche Panamera will likely to make its debut soon in the United States region however the date is not been announced yet. We will wait for it too, surely the fans of Porsche will be waiting for this moment too.

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