PGO Cevennes 2011, the Black Beauty

The French dominating automaker PGO is always known for their special small size but modern requirements meeting models with enough cuteness in customer side. Prevot Villis and Olivier, two car fans started the company in 1985 in France, producing sports cars alone. However the company is now under thw Al Sayer Company, as a result of the buying happened in 2005. Cevennes, one of the most popular breed of PGO, is now available in a new look, official representatives reports. The car termed as ingenious mix is going to turn the Europe streets back to 1950s.

The new Cevennes named as ‘Ultimate Black’, meets both stylish requirements and sportiness without compromising any of the features of its predecessors. The car is expected to be suitable for both young people and for older chaps. The new variant also is two seater with an exterior of 50s models.

The engine of the cute car is not so cute, as published by the journel, it has 144 lb/ft of torque slapped with 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. The engine positioning is similar to any one of this kind, transverse mid arranged with perfect fitness. The total weight falls in 980 kg. The small car is available only in 5- manual transmission.

The exterior features as reported are much like a reflection of older cars but with sporty engine. So the 2011 Cevennes is a rare meeting of the older age with modern technology. The car rolls over 17″ wheels, the body material is standard and molded shell and with dynamic lines as exactly as 50’s road runners. The rear view of the car in the official video release and spy cams show that large grills mounted up and full of engines packed in a very compact way. Forcing us to remember about a black and strong beetle, the car can steal anybody’s eyes while on the road, as did in the auto show here last week.

The interior of the Cevennes 2011 is awesome so that it will compete with any of the luxury counterparts, all coverings including steering; dash board, door interior etc are with standard costly quality leather. Other two options include luggage rack and double strips. Talking about the leather lining its more to discuss that there are numerous options from the brand including; nappa leather, leather with other colors, alcantara and so more, with varying colored stitching.

The power rating is 138 Hp at 6000 rpm. It can fly 0-60 in below seven seconds. One of the major attractions is the Neo-Retro model offered by the French engine makers which are perfectly fibered into the sporty small engine. Standard test drives and ring tests prove that the top sped is 134 mph. Reviews report that there is a good handling precession for the car which can be reversed easily in a small dimeter.

Now you can get one with a price of around $70,000, with current exchange rates and the standard predecessor model worth $49,000.

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