Peugeot’s new RCZ R Taken for a Spin over French Terrain

Peugeot is exceedingly confident of the latest RCZ R as they plan on rivaling big players such as Volkswagen’s Scirocco R and Porsche’s Cayman with this vehicle. Peugeot is asking for a whopping £31,995 for this vehicle and this is credited mostly to its high standards and advanced engineering moves. We have deciphered the secrets behind this vehicle to actually see whether the extra cash is worth it.

Underneath the bonnet lies a 1.6 liter bi turbo engine which powers the standard RC Z and this engine block displaces a decent 266 BHP @ 6,000 RPM along with 243 ft lb of torque @ 1,900 RPM. The car weighs approximately 1355 kg and can accelerate from 0 – 60 MPH within 5.9 seconds while sporting a top speed of 155 MPH. Peugeot can finally hold its own ground against stiff market competition now.

However, a slightly more powerful engine could not have done worse and is seriously missed when you want to rev harder than its stipulated figure. Safety has been prepped while the dampers, suspension and other springs have been tightened. This gives the vehicle a stiff feel which is good around bends and sophisticated corners. Torsen differential has been used as they are stronger than standard suspension and differentials.

This vehicle sits lower by 10 mm than its standard vehicle while wider tracks up front ensure a steady roll, hence enhancing stability. Exterior wise, various new inclusions have been made such as minor aerodynamic upgrades along with paint upgrades and modifications. Chromed exhaust pipes look good on this vehicle four new colors (red, grey, white and black) have been added to give the vehicle a fresh new feel.

This vehicle is surprisingly tidy and neat even by Peugeot standards and considering the company’s history and record. This is fairly surprising as Peugeot has had no past tryst with performance edition vehicles whatsoever. However, this vehicle has all that we need and that is what truly counts. An improved chassis and body work is fairly common on most vehicles and this is present on this vehicle as well.

We took this vehicle for a spin around the mountainous French terrain and this vehicle proved its mettle. This vehicle is very balanced and well placed around bends while being capable of steady and smooth acceleration at straight ways. Balanced power to weight ratio also makes it a pleasant drive while traction upgrades make it steady at all time. Suspension upgrades are also in place along with a steady damper setting and they give this vehicle a refined feel.

However the best part about this vehicle is its deep engine note. Taut body control and precise handling along with overall refinement also count. Peugeot’s new RCZ R could just be the next big thing in the market at its price point and we are pretty impressed with what Peugeot has on offer. We will bring you latest news and updates regarding the RCZ R, hence stay tuned for the latest developments and news.

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