Peugeot Sport future performance vehicles to get plug-in hybrid technology

Sport division of PSA’s Peugeot will employ its future fast going model with plug-in hybrid tech so as to sustainably strike the balance between its efficiency and performance. Speaking to AutoExpress, CEO of PSA Peugeot-Citroen Carlos Tavares said; “The car makers of French will get the aid through plug-in hybrid tech introduction for making of two apparent uncertain expectations converge.”

Further he said, “Pure electric-mode technology currently allows entering to town, but plug-in is good for low CO2, acceleration and high autonomy and that what direction we being taking as hybrid play’s the important role for future sportier models.” Tavares promised that its Peugeot Sport engineering experienced race team will get involved rapidly in vehicle development in brand’s performance.

The unveiled Exalt concept updated version four-door swoopy plug-in Exalt teamed turbo 1.6L petrol engine developing 201Kw/300Nm with that of electric-motor 50Kw for around 250kW peak power. Currently, Peugeot relies for performance cars on turbo-charging that include 308 GT, 208 GTi AND RCZ R likes, even though during recent times been teased with hybrid-concepts relating high-performance.

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