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Peugeot Launches New C5008 – Here’s All You Need To Know About The 7-Seater

If until now the fight in the compact SUV segment seemed to be one between five-seat models, it seems that car manufacturers have gotten a taste of the seven seat variants, which means a longer and more family friendly version. The new Peugeot 5008 is the perfect example of developing a very popular market segment.

Just a few days after the new Skoda Kodiaq was revealed, a seven-seat compact SUV built on the platform of the Tiguan by the French from Peugeot became a direct rival for the new Czech model. The new Peugeot 5008 model is radically transformed with the new generation: from a minivan it becomes a compact SUV that can accommodate seven passengers in three rows of seats.

Visually, the new 5008 model obviously differs from previous Peugeot trying to attract as many customers who leave behind the MPV type and are moving towards SUVs. As in the case of the Kodiaq the 5008 becomes the largest SUV in Peugeot’s portfolio, and takes the aesthetic lines from smaller models to integrate them in a design apt for these new times. Therefore we can recognize a close kinship with the new 3008, also introduced this year.

The front part is based on massive vertical lines and is the starting point of an imposing profile, whose boxy horizontal lateral line is saved by the plunged chrome trim of the side windows.

In terms of size, the new Peugeot 5008 is longer by 19 centimeters compared to the 3008, with which it shares a kinship and positioning in relations to the Nissan X-Trail – Nissan Qashqai. Overall, the Peugeot 5008 stands at 4,640 millimeters in length, a size that the French have tried to translate into a spacious interior, dedicated to large families. The passengers in the second row of seats will be happy to learn that Peugeot gives them 6 extra centimeters at knee level and they ditched the classical bench favoring identical independent individual seats, fully foldable when needed, and able to hide in the floor.

In addition, the third row seats can be removed if the family does not need more seats, but 780 liters of trunk space when the car is in the five seats configuration. For the statistic fans, this value is 200 liters more than the old 5008.

In addition to structural changes, the interior has not escaped the technological changes that bring the 5008 in line with the new models range. The known i-Cockpit, which started three years ago on the new 308 generation is the center point of the car. We also find the compact steering wheel, central touch display that eliminates most physical buttons in the cockpit and a 12.3 inch screen that replaces the analog clocks on the board.

The new crossover will be available in four versions, Active and Allure being the most common models, and in addition they have the GT and GT Line with possibly more efficient engines and other improvements to optimize performance.
The new car will be launched at the Auto Show in Paris and will be available to buy from spring 2017.

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