Ownership of Caterham changes from Tony Fernandes to a consortium of Swiss and Arab businessmen

Tony Fernandes brings an end to his ownership of Formula One racing team Caterham. Although the team will exist under the same name and will operate from their Oxfordshire base situated in Leafield, it is now going to be owned by a collection of businessman with origins in Middle East and Switzerland.

Caterham has taken part in Formula One racing under ownership of Tony Fernandes for a little more than four and a half years, and have failed to secure even a single point in this time period. So this change in ownership was inevitable. The Malaysian businessman could no longer manage expenses.

Tony Fernandes had to spend more than 250 million pounds behind Caterham, and got practically nothing in return. There was an ensemble of good drivers and experienced managers and support staff, and yet they failed to secure even a single point in their numerous efforts. Now a big optimistic consortium of Swiss and Arab businessmen has decided to try their fate with Caterham.

They have started out with some realistic goals for the near future, to achieve 10th spot in their next Formula One race, rather than trying to win it all. So they might have a chance at fulfilling their goals after all. They have already started to put together a nice group of people to look over the functioning of Caterham in near future.

Cyril Abiteboul was the previous team principal. Now he has stepped down from his post and has welcomed the person replacing him to take on interesting new challenges. Caterham’s closest competitor, sadly, is Marussia. And even they are a long way ahead of them. So there is a long way to go before Caterham can even think of leaving a mark in Formula One racing.

Collin Kolles is going to act as adviser for the team. His association with some major racing units in recent past, including Force India, Midland as well as Spyker serves as a ray of hope for Caterham. He is also associated with a team named Forza Rossa from his hometown Romania, which has been allowed to take part in the grid in foreseeable future.

Christijan Albers, Manfreddi Ravetto, along with Collin Kolles is going to serve as supervisors for regular functioning of Caterham. All of them have good backgrounds and track record as far as racing is concerned, which is why they have been employed as a last hope for this drowning cause.

Albers and others have recognized the great struggle they have to go through in this uphill battle and has started preparing for it. They say that it is difficult enough to start at the bottom of the table and they have taken care of the task at hand.

All owners as well as heading team including Albers, Kolles and Ravetto has decided to put all resources at their dispense to good use. They believe in the potential of Caterham and are leaving no stones unturned to ensure they achieve that potential to its fullest.

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