Overheating of the engines - 2013 Ford Escape

Overheating of the engines – 2013 Ford Escape

It was noted that the new car launched by Ford named Escape has had some major set backs since the day people started purchasing it. It was reported that people having this car faced the problem of overheating of their car engines. The people also complained of having the entire system of their cars to blow up with fire due to some issues in the built up of the car.

People have been calling the Ford brand heads to exchange some other models with those of Escape and Fusion. Since a lot of customers called back the Ford Company, the company advised them to call the dealers through which they had purchased the cars and return. Obviously, the people are given alternative cars in order to give them comfort and fix the problems of their car engines. The customers are not charged any other money because the problem lies within the car engines.

The heads of Ford are not denying these problems as they have been called so many times throughout the year, since the day they sold their first Escape. They are trying to fix the engine problems as told by the customers. The major problems people are facing include the overheating of the engine and the leaking of the car fluids from the heated parts when the engine starts running. Ultimately, the heat becomes excessive and the fire starts in the engine.

The company is trying to find the possible reason for this overheating. On the positive note, there have been no reports of injuries or deaths by the fires in the engines. According to the spokesman of Ford, he admits that he has gotten reports of 12 fires in Escape and only one in the Fusion car. Yet the number of reports is not acceptable. The company needs to work on a way to get rid of this problem.

There are reports of drivers who notice the warning signs like “stop car safely” on their screens when the engines heated up and ultimately the fir e started when they didn’t park within a couple of minutes.
The safety officer of Ford also sympathizes with his customers and ensures he’s going to take care of the problems within the car’s engine. He asked all his customers to return their Escapes and Fusions, even if they haven’t faced this problem because he wants to fix everything.

The head of project says that Ford was redesigned in the start of the running year, there might be a little set back in its design due to which the engine heats up. The possible reasons for overheating of engine might be the leakages of car fluids. This means that the built in system of the car is not strong enough to hold the burning fluids in the engine and thus, they need to be replaced.

There have been reports from all over the world of the customers who have bought the new Ford. There have been reports in September and the following months as well. Almost 90 percent of the already bought Fords and coming back in their show room s due to this major problem of firing up while driving.

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