Original BMW M Performance Accessories – Begin The Transformation

Through the BMW M Performance accessories BMW’s customers have available a wide and particularly rich palette of customization and tuning solutions for a sporty transformation of their owned models.

The authorized service network of the brand can provide a full range of accessories and provides installation too. The tuning range of accessories was launched in 2008 under the name BMW Performance. It covers previous generation models like the BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW X5 and BMW X6. The owners of these models still have these accessories at their disposal. The offer was gradually extended to almost the entire range of the brand’s models, under the new name BMW M Performance.
Currently, BMW M Performance accessories can equip models like the BMW X6 M50d or BMW 2 Series M235i). The only models that cannot have an offer from BMW M Performance accessories are the the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, BMW Z4, BMW i3 and BMW i8.

The BMW M Performance genuine accessories range includes a very wide offer of options, from elements of design and aerodynamics, to the exhaust system and power kits, from the suspension kit, to the smartphone application for telemetry connected to the OBD car’s computer.

The most popular accessories are the ones of design and aerodynamics, including the wheel rims. Many of the ingredients are inspired by BMW’s experience on the track competition, and developed with BMW Motorsport and BMW M.

Also, the new solutions that use the company’s experience with carbon fiber are distinguished. The choice of this material provides strength and rigidity, but also a particularly low weight of the components. For example, the BMW M Performance rear spoiler for the BMW 3 Series weighs only 250 grams. Additionally, attention to detail and quality is highlighted by the fact that about 80 percent of carbon components are made by hand.

Inside, along the lines of personalization with Alcantara leather and carbon fiber, stands out the steering wheel, also covered with Alcantara leather. In addition, the most sophisticated BMW M Performance steering wheel provides a central display and LED speed display for a full motorsport experience.
Currently, BMW offers the increase in power and torque kit for more than 40 versions of models. These come with changes, depending on the motorization, and may include modifying the exhaust circuit, air filter intake, intercooler, or the automatic gearbox torque converter.

Most importantly, performance increases are reflected throughout the rev range, not only in the power’s peak. In general, the BMW M Performance power kit gives extra power of about 15 kW – 30 kW and a torque of 30 – 50 Nm, depending on the engine.

Also, acceleration can be improved from 0 to 100 km / h by 0.3 – 0.5 seconds and the interval of 80-120 km / h, up to 1 second. The power kit can be supported by an improved exhaust system. Depending on the version, it can use advanced materials such as titanium and may have valves controlled via Bluetooth technology (for quick installation of the exhaust system), that can switch between a particularly sporty response to a less noisy and comfortable one.

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