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Official Photos And Detailed Information On New Hyundai i20 Subcompact Generation

Hyundai i20 will get at the Paris Motor Show a new generation but the Koreans didn’t have the patience until the official unveiling so they published a complete photo gallery of the model with some inside information.

The I20’s interior promises to be the largest in the segment, having an increased wheelbase measuring 2,570 mm as well as a wider cabin. Representatives of the South Korean brand say the front occupants have 33 extra millimeters for the head, 24 mm extra for feet, 15 millimeters more shoulder space and six millimeters for hips. Hyundai engineers were able to provide more space because they changed the technical platform and the coachwork, which allowed them to raise the height of the board and to move some components far forward as to provide extra space.

Rear-seat occupants were not forgotten by Hyundai, saying that they have enough space for three adults in comfort conditions. The loading volume of the trunk increased from 295 liters to 326 liters, one of the best values ​​in the segment, just four liters less than the new generation Skoda Fabia. The rear seat can be folded completely to increase total capacity to 1,042 liters of load. The trunk floor has a double bottom, and can accommodate multiple items in dedicated compartments.

Hyundai representatives say that the design team of the new generation i20 had a key goal to increase the perceived quality of the interior to the highest standards in the segment. The Koreans used a soft touch plastic material called TPO (Thermal Plastic Olefin) on all major areas of the interior such as dashboard and door faces. Hyundai says that the new material is durable and maintains a premium appearance after it is used extensively for a long time.

The interior is available in four colors and they complement the exterior of the vehicle. Customers can choose between beige, blue, brown and gray.
The multimedia system and the air conditioning system were grouped together in the center console, and present new control modules for ease of use. In addition to these improvements in the ergonomics level the new i20 enjoys a major improvement in sound isolation, and has other innovative technologies in the segment.

These include Lane Departure Warning System, smartphone integration, and items already released by other manufacturers such as heated steering wheel, power folding side mirrors, front and rear parking sensors, and seven-inch navigation display. The Korean model will be offered for the first time with a panoramic glass sunroof, a rare option in this lower class.

The engine range includes four units, two of which are diesels. The engines are offered with manual transmissions, five or six steps, respectively, along with a four-speed automatic transmission, reports the official of the Korean manufacturer. The Otto engine range includes two units of 1.25 and 1.4 liters, which provides 75 hp and 100 hp; the 1.25-liter unit is offered in two power levels. On diesel, the new i20 is offered with a 1.1-liter engine and a 1.4-liter unit that provides 75 hp or 90 hp. All transmissions and engines in the offer have been improved in terms of dynamic performance, quietness and refinement, say brand officials .

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