The second-generation Mercedes CLA remains true to the sexy (four-door) coupé design with a modern interior and smart technology.

After six years (and 750,000 copies sold!) The time was ripe to replace the particularly successful Mercedes CLA , initially only as a four-door coupe, but in the long run a similar makeover for the practical CLA Shooting Brake will follow. This handsome descendant again shares the necessary technology with the A-Class hatchback, A-Class Saloon and B-Class .

To really (?) Make the difference with the similar A-Class Saloon, the new Mercedes CLA is blessed with a sexy line play that clearly comes across from the new CLS Coupé . The CLA is also (slightly) longer and lower, which makes for a visually attractive whole, which means that with 460 liters, the suitcase is slightly less large than before. Here Das Haus opted for the funky Orange Art Edition (based on the AMG Line) version but no problem, you can also configure to your heart’s content with 16 ″ to 19 ″ rims.

The interior has come to borrow the new CLA with the new A-Class, which means that the compact German can show off a high-quality finish, premium materials and a lot of wide / razor-sharp displays. The MBUX system (Hey Mercedes!) Is responsible for the infotainment, compared to the A-Class it became even smarter / faster and hand gestures are supported.

No shortage of gadgets, safety systems and driving aids such as a head-up color display, a navigation system with augmented reality , wireless mobile phone charger, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto,… The new CLA wants to make the difference with a sportier handling, thanks to the further handling spaced wheels, standard Direct Steering, adjustable dampers (optional), lower center of gravity and hydraulic engine mounts.

At the CES technology fair, Mercedes pulled out the canvas of this CLA250 with 225 hp and the 7-speed automatic transmission. By the summer it will have to be at the local dealer with a broader gasoline / diesel engine range that comes from the A-Classs. In time, the four-wheel drive 4MATIC versions will follow, after which you can look forward to the CLA35 and CLA45 top versions!

A Belgian price of the new Mercedes CLA is currently not yet available, count on at least 33,000 euros. Whoever wants can meet the newcomer at the Brussels Motor Show even though you have to look carefully for that.

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