Novitec brings the Abarth 500 to 212pk

Novitec brings the Abarth 500 to 212pk

For whom a Fiat 500 is not enough fun, there will still Abarth. Who has not thus far from enough to stop by Novitec.

The German tuner that exclusively Italian cars account for, can be known again in their usual way. With just flashy adaptations are not satisfied, even the engine to suffer for it. Provides standard Abarth 135 hp, but Novitec adds up to 77 hp. Prospective buyers can choose from various power packs and also a whole load of new wheels, interior and other adjustments.

With NT4 Corse pack the 1.4 T-Jet upgraded to 212 hp for a maximum cost of € 3,000. Responsible for this extreme increase in strength is mainly the new turbo, in collaboration with new air intakes, a new exhaust system and some adjustments to the engine. Besides nearly 50% more power is the most impressive increase in torque, so we are now 325 Nm of torque instead of 206 Nm. Stoplight sprints from standstill to 100km / h is over in 7 seconds, top speed of this brutal Cinquecento is 223km / h.

Besides all this extra force is the engine exhaust noise adapted, because the new one now by Novitec fits better with the car. The suspension was modified and cushioning, the 500 is now 35 mm lower to the ground. Cost is unknown, but matte black or silver 17 “or 18” rims you pay € 1,100.

To completely finish with all the lords of Novitec have a new spoiler, obviously the carbon. Except for the brutal appearance to play the aerodynamic properties, mainly useful at higher speeds. As icing on the cake is the press release stated that the further development of the Abarth 500 is busy, so we may in future expect heavier values? For the regular 500’s, the German tuner adjustments in all possible forms.

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