North American Auto - shows to get more Deeper

North American Auto – shows to get more Deeper

NAIAS (North American International Auto-Shows) are getting more customer responsive and deeper in details from the 2012 phases itself. They are held in Detroit and Michigan in the month of January. These are the biggest auto-shows in the North America.

Looking to the flashbacks, the first show was in 1907 in Detroit. Thereafter the show conducted annually. There were no NAIAS in 1943 and in 1952. From 1989 onwards it was called the North American International Auto-Show. Metro Detroit area is working as the head centre of the auto show.

The production models of the new variants will be introduced in the auto shows. The concept models are exhibited prior to the production models. Most of the reputed automakers make the announcements over newer models in the show itself. They prepare their new breeds and exhibit them in the show. The period of concept car exhibition and the period of the production models are important tracks in the history of the vehicle.

The show begins with a charity preview. This is expected to be the crowd puller every year. In 2004 the charity preview was viewed by 17,500 people. They earned a total of $7 million to the show. Tickets are the main earning device.

This year in 2011, the show was held from January 10 to January 23. The charity preview was held in January 14. This year, the Nissan and Porsche made a returning to the NAIAS.

The Chevrolet Volt and Ford Explorer won the NAIAS car and truck of 2011.

The cars and trucks of some years:
2011- Chevrolet Volt and Ford Explorer
2010-Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Transit Connect
2009- Hyundai Genesis and Ford F-150
2008- 2008 Chevrolet Malibu and Mazda CX-9
2007-Saturn Aura and Chevrolet Silverado

The show will have two type of models to exhibited. The models usually are the concept models and the production models. The production models will be introductions. Introductions are the introduction of new models usually next year models in the show.
Auto-shows are the backbone of the car world and they will be getting skyrocketing importance. Areal car lover should know about each of the shows. Here is a list of auto-shows;

– Cairo International Motor Show
– AutoAfrica Motor Show

– Auto Expo (New Delhi, India)
– Bangkok International Motor Expo (December)
– Osaka Auto Messe (Osaka, February)Website
– Tokyo Motor Show (October-November) (December 3–11, 2011)
– Tokyo Auto Salon (Tokyo, January)
– Shanghai Motor Show

– Athens International Motor Show, Athens
– European Motor Show, Brussels
– Lisbon International Automobile Motor Show, Lisbon
– Turin Auto Show, Turin, Italy
– Copenhagen International Motor Show, Copenhagen
– Sofia International Motor Show, Sofia
– Etc

– North American International Auto Show (Detroit, Michigan)
– Washington Auto Show
– Pennsylvania Auto Show, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
– Canadian International Auto Show (Toronto, Ontario)
– Greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul International Auto Show
– New Mexico International Auto Show
– Great West Truck Show (Las Vegas, Nevada)
– etc

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