Nissan Set to Return to the World of Motor Sports Fall 2014

Nissan Set to Return to the World of Motor Sports Fall 2014

Nismo, the in house power plant behind the high end vehicles from Nissan, is expected to lead the newly enlarged Motorsports event launched by Nissan. Nissan Boss, Carlos Ghosn declared that Nissan plans on returning to the 24 Hour Le Mans race in 2014 and the Australian V8 Supercar series. This move is being considered at a time Nissan plans on launching a new and more powerful version of the GT-R.

The involvement of this vehicle in sports could spark a trend in the new generation of performance lovers to purchase the GT-R and this is exactly the kind of exposure Nissan is hoping to achieve. Nissan plans to enter the vehicle in the GT and the GT 3 Series along with plans of developing the GT Academy Series. The first batch of students is almost ready for graduation and are set to try their hands out of the GT-R at the Blanpain Endurance series.

The Super GT Series GT 500 Class is all set to be attacked by four 3.5 liter V8 powered Nissan GT-Rs. The engines have been slightly modified over the production version of the car and minor designing changes have been made to the underbody and rear end to give this vehicle aerodynamic advantage on the track.

Aerodynamics plays a very important role on the track and on the road and the Nissan GT – R is a very aerodynamics vehicle. Therefore, the performance of the modified GT – R needs to be witnessed from close quarters. Insiders from Nissan says that the engineers were able to maintain a high level of down force with the new aerodynamics package while the addition of the shark teeth drastically brought down the drag coefficient of the ride.

The 3.4 liter engine will however not be replaced and will feature minor modifications at the most. The flexibility and characteristics of the engine have however been modified as they vehicle can be electronically altered to suit the requirements of different race tracks as and when required. Fuel efficiency will also improve as the contact patches have been reduced, hence decreasing overall friction within the revolving mechanism of the power train.

Nissan’s Executive Team Director Kunihiko Kakmoto will continue to enjoy his position in the teams driving the GT –R and GT 500s. Nissan has also expressed its willingness to participate in the Australian Touring Championships, the first time since 1992. Nissan had seen glorious days of the event and hope to continue being victorious when they return to the sport. Nissan plans on providing the thrill of Motorsport to every fan and enthusiast across the world and this is the major reason behind the company planning on making a comeback.

Nissan’s new performance division Nismo also accounts for a major reason behind the firm’s plan of returning to the 24 Hour Le Mans next year. The Nismo powered vehicles have always been a hit with the customers and performance lovers and Nissan plans on launching the next generation GT – R based on modifications made by Nismo.

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