Nissan Leaf Car of the Year 2011

The Nissan Leaf has been named Car of the Year 2011. It is the first electric car that major car price will be awarded.

Nissan Leaf, the Car of the Year 2011 in the globe and therefore follows the Volkswagen Polo. It was after the 2005 Toyota Prius in the second car with an alternative powertrain that prestigious prize in the prize.

The Car of the Year for the first time in history with electric propulsion. Leaf Nissan knew all final candidates with the most points in drag: 257. The innovative nature of the Leaf was crucial.

The difference with the number 2, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is small. The Italian comes to 248 points. That is four points more than the Opel Meriva, which finishes third. The Ford C-Max does not go beyond the fourth and fifth position we find the Citroen C3/DS3.

One of the serious title contenders in the Volvo S60 was the only ending somewhat disappointing sixth place. Dacia Duster is the bottom of the heap, which, besides its low price and large space offer little to offer. Leaf was the second Car of the Year with an alternative powertrain in the Toyota Prius was crowned 2005 Car of the Year.

Electric Nissan under 20,000 €

“LEAF” it is the first zero-emission vehicle from Nissan, which is offered in Germany from 2011 to less than 20,000 €. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn unveiled the prototype.
Nissan has unveiled the prototype of the compact electric cars, “LEAF”. 109 hp enough for rapid acceleration, can go on after 30 minutes quick charge the ride.


Hauke Schrieber ‘s new electric car LEAF (German: Journal) could provide information in Germany from 2011 to less than 20,000 € are available to CAR. Not included in the cars is the most expensive part of: the 250-pound lithium-ion battery must be leased. Of the stream of public charging stations hovers Nissan flat rate of 60 to 70 euros in the year preceding one, subsidized by energy companies. The LEAF Nissan brings the end of 2010, first in Japan, the United States and in selected regions of Europe (Portugal, Ireland, Denmark) on the market. Two other E models will follow.

The presented prototype, a five-seat hatchback model of the Golf-class forms, production car to 96 percent from that. Powering the compact car of an electric motor with a power of 80 kW (109 hp). The batteries that provide a range of 160 kilometers, the top speed is 150 km / h at. Under a flap on the front are next to each other’s ports for fast charging with AC (charging time for 80 percent of capacity: 30 minutes), and the charging of a normal house outlet (eight hours).

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said at the premiere party: “We see electric cars is not a niche, but as a mass market. ” For 2020 he expects a global market share of ten percent. From 2011, LEAF has around 180,000 units in Japan and the U.S. are built.Our team was allowed in Japan LEAF test the technology already. After pressing the start button you will hear a sound like the boot of a computer. The front-wheel drive accelerates rapidly (280 Nm torque). One senses that the LEAF – unlike the Mitsubishi i-MiEV – a specially developed the E-drive car is for. The batteries under the floor provide for such a low center of gravity, that this compact car full curves and takes faster than many others of his class.

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