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Nissan Confirms Credibility for Nismo as well as the RS Nismo

Nissan has confirmed that it plans on upgrading its sports wing Nismo, although they have also expressed concerns regarding the credibility of this side wing. Insiders reveal that they will continue investing in Nismo only if this is a viable thing to do for future. Nismo models are possible around the globe, although they should make for a practical solution, otherwise it would just cramp market space with worthless products.

European Sales Head Guillaume Cartier says that despite Nissan introducing the Micra Nismo in Japan, this vehicle will not be offered in Europe due to complications and incompatibility. This is what Nissan is working towards at the moment. Similar rumors can be heard regarding the Qashqai Nismo, although its fate is still undisclosed by Nissan. In order to turn Nismo into a global brand such as BMW’s M Division or Mercedes Benz’s AMG wing, Nissan needs to give it a diverse background.

However, primary focus needs to be put on credibility. Nismo needs a separate identity of its own and every new project which it undertakes need to feature certain credible points. The next vehicle to be customized by Nismo is the GT-R Nismo. Nismo was designed by engineers who wanted to go crazy tuning cars and is still the same way in Japan.

Nismo has its separate meaning in the various markets where they are currently available. For example in parts of Europe they define luxury while in other parts they stand for precision and performance. However, Nissan needs to work closely in order to give Nismo its separate identity. This is a valid target for the near future and considering its pace, this should be a reality quite soon.

Nissan has confirmed plans to showcase its Nismo RS to audiences at the New York Motor Show next year. This was a much anticipated and awaited incident and finally people have had the chance to rejoice. Currently, technical specifications and details regarding its interior are unknown, although we have been given a rendering of the supposed exterior of this vehicle. This is exactly why people are waiting for this vehicle anxiously.

We expect Nissan to carry forward its economic range of turbo charged 1.6 liter four cylindered engines on this vehicle although as with previous models, a few extra horses should be added to its range. Economically, it should sit in a price segment, just above the current version. We however expect this vehicle to feature a little bit more power than before although this should not be such a bad thing considering latest eco friendly technology which is expected to maintain fuel efficiency.

Nismo has currently paired up with CVT and this gives us better quality and general refinement of the engine parts and the vehicles in general. This is expected to continue well into the future and is a great thing for Nissan fanatics. Nissan and Nismo share a partnership which is growing daily and we expect to drive interesting vehicles, designed by these partners in the near future.

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