Nikola Motor Brings a Different Kind Of Electric Vehicle: 500 Horsepower UTV for Rough Terrain • Nikola Motor Brings a Different Kind Of Electric Vehicle: 500 Horsepower UTV for Rough Terrain •Auto Types

Nikola Motor Brings a Different Kind Of Electric Vehicle: 500 Horsepower UTV for Rough Terrain

Probably most of us have never heard much about Nikola Motor. If you have not heard anything about the electric trucks proposed by them, we will say that the Nikola Motor is another company that wants to make a name for themselves in the electric car market. They became known not very long ago, when they introduced the concept of a super electric truck with no less than 2,000 horsepower.

Nikola Motor is another ambitious company that wants to carve a piece out of the electric vehicle market, but compared to other companies such as Faraday Future, they do not rush to launch a car of this kind.

To reach such dreams, those at Nikola Motor came back down to earth and have developed an electric UTV, which besides looking pretty good, seems to be able to handle any type of land. The prototype, called Nikola Zero, is quite powerful boasting no less than 520 horsepower and a maximum torque of 645 Nm.
Nikola Zero is more realistic and this time we have the opportunity to admire a beautiful model. The company chose to create this electric UTV to be strong enough to be used on any terrain.

The motorization system proposed by Nikola Motor engineers for this UTV consists of four electric engines, one for each wheel, joined by a battery of 72 kWh. Regarding the range of this UTV, Nikola Motor representatives were not very precise indicating a value between 160 and 320 kilometers. But given the 72 kWh battery, the range is likely heading towards the second value, which is definitely influenced by the conditions in which the UTV is supposed to be used.

The Nikola Motor representatives praise the product through the fact that it has an impressive ground clearance of about 37 cm and a suspension system with the longest track in the industry: 50 cm front and back. Nikola Zero has tires with an impressive diameter of 81.2 cm, and rims made from cast aluminum, Method Wide – Five Bead Lock.

The UTV can carry 4 people at the same time, the driver and three other passengers, while also offering comfort and generous enough space for such a model. Nikola Zero is equipped with three multimedia displays, two 7-inch screens and one measuring 10 inches.
Also found in the cabin are two 12V sockets, a 110V one, four USB ports and LED lighting. The UTV can be equipped with a video camera for back images. The plugs and ports can operate at any time due to the solar panels that are installed on the roof of the cab.

We can say that this is the perfect way to reach the most beautiful places in nature without affecting them with harmful carbon emissions. Nikola Motor is not known for their low prices and the UTV should be close to the sum of 37,000 dollars. The price tag seems a bit high, and in the near future we could purchase a Tesla Model 3 for a similar amount or even less according to some rumors.

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