Next generation BMW M3 will have more modifications

Beverian Motor Works (BMW)’s one of the most popular line up of vehicle is the 3 series, which is available in convertible, coupe and sedan. BMW 3 series has a history and tradition of 25 years. In 1985, the 3 series made its own impact in the auto world by launching a most power variant. With BMW’s 2.3 liter traditional engine, within this 25 years, the car progressed to very impressive 420 HP, delivered from eight cylinder models. The older and initial versions had only a four cylinder engine with 200 HP output. Three series models are gorgeous with their stunning performance ratings, extraordinary look, and the awesome class handling with luxurious interior, available in any of the rivals.

Being the two German rivals always hang around with counterpart models, Audi and Mercedes are the major competitors for each and every model of BMW. There are four generations of three series had released for, third one ended in 2006, and then the next started from 2007, and continues, this is coded as E90/92/93 M3.

2014 BMW M3 is considered as next generation 3 series, and press release said that, it will be of big changes than predecessors. Release also adds, the hatchback will be more like 5 series Grand Turismo. Not only the exterior of this next generation 3 series but interior and even engine also is modifies to meet increasing competition and updates. M3 also will receive all of these. First, new M3 will be available as hatchback alone, followed by sedan. Recent reveals of Z4, 7-Series, and 5-Series are considered for adoptions of exterior design, officials told in press conference.

2014 BMW M3 engine also is changed inevitably, replaced the former V8 engine, there is a new inclusion of 3.0 liter straight six engine, with twin turbo charged features. Brand said not to feel bad thinking about the performance, because, there will be more power and performance for this new engine than that of the big V8 version. This 3.0 liter engine
will deliver an impressive 450 HP power, and can throw off the super future car from zero to sixty in just 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is limited electronically, which quotes the figure, in the release, 155 mph.

Recent posts reveal that, the engine will be available in four different variants, for suiting different needs as well as budgets of BMW fans. They are, a N54 engine normally new M3 option, a S63 engine with modifications expected to be in the next gen M5, S65 V8 to be used in Z4 M and X3 M at last a V6 engine as that of S63, with modifications. As far as reveals, the major competitors of 2014 BMW M3 will be Audi R55 and Cadillac CTS. Both of them are high end performers with enough luxury and exterior styling, and so a tough competition can be expected, analyst adds. The 2014 BMW M3 initial model will be released in Geneva Motor Show of 2012.

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