Next Ford Mustang will be Global Model, Have Independent Rear Suspension

Next Ford Mustang will be Global Model, Have Independent Rear Suspension

In 2014 Mustang will celebrate the 50th anniversary with the new Ford Mustang 2014 model. This model will be less in weight and narrow than existing models. Ford Mustangs migration is based on ‘One ford’ strategy of Blue Oval. The 2014 model will be very similar to the model in 1964.

It is expecting that it will be a 300hp, 2.5 liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Ford Mustangs V6 model have 3.5-liter EcoBoost and 5.4-liter V-8 will offer 500 hp. To keep its performance high, Six-speed manual and auto transmissions with torque vectoring are given. Also the models have another specialty of right hand drive. And this model will be shipped in U.K., Japan, and Australia.

Derrick Kuzak vice president for global product development of Ford group talked to Automotive News and disclosed the international design studios will submit proposals for the highly projected model. Previously sole supervision of Ford Mustang was with the American designers. Thus the studios fight each other, and the best design wins. The winning design will be integrated by the US design team.

In this model they have introduced independent rear suspension which improves handling and quality. Chevrolet Camaro which is the competitor model have independent suspension. Ford Mustang having high quality cabin and luxury interiors competes with the BMW 3 Series and Audi A5 coupes in UK. The 2010 model sold in UK is about 75000.

In the coming new model of Ford Mustang they are implementing the traditional designs from the studios found around the whole world. This includes studios in Europe and Australia. Ford Mustang is designed with the styles in the American studios and they are for American Market only. More organized designed globally will attracts more people the upcoming models.

History of Ford Mustang is as, Manufacturer of Ford Mustang is Ford Motor Company. They introduced in the year 1964 and started production of cars in the year 1965. They have introduced a series of Ford Mustang cars from 1964. They are presenting it as First generation (1964–1973), Second Generation (1974–1978), Third Generation (1979–1993), Fourth Generation (1994–2004) and Fifth Generation (2005–present). In each generation they upgraded the models. The Ford Mustang developed the pony car class, which includes sports cars, this gave rise to high class competitors like Audi, Cheverlet Camaro, etc.

Ford’s heavier model weighs about 4000 pounds. 2014 Mustang is a lighter weight and smaller in size. The Ford Mustang becomes global model whenindependent rear suspension includes which better lateral grip and ride refinement. Direct injection and a Power Shift dual-clutch transmission will be used in the future generations of Ford Mustang.

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