New Tesla Semi Truck – Price and Other Relevant Details!

The American company Tesla introduced to the world its first electric truck, equipped with autopilot and dubbed Tesla Semi.

Thus, we find that a Tesla Semi without trailer can reach a speed of 96 km/h in just 5.0 seconds and with a trailer weighing just over 36 tones it is able to reach a speed of 96 km/h in only 20 for seconds. These performances have been compared to a traditional diesel truck and are obviously much more impressive.
The dynamic features developed by Tesla Semi are due to aerodynamic optimization. For example, the aerodynamic drag coefficient is better than the Bugatti Chiron – 0.36 Cx vs. 0.38 Cx!

Moreover, if the truck moves on a five-degree ramp, a Tesla Semi with all 36 tons it carries will be able to maintain a constant speed of 105 km/h.
Propulsion is provided by four electric motors, the exact characteristics of which have not been revealed. We only know that there are two electric units on each of the two rear axles. Electric motors produce at least 258 hp each, just like those on the Tesla Model 3.
The battery pack, the capacity of which is as yet unknown, can provide up to 804 kilometers of range without recharging. They are positioned between the first and second axles.

Tesla Semi trucks can be re-powered by new types of charging stations called Megacharger. The batteries on the Tesla Semi will be able to recharge for 30 minutes with the energy needed to travel another 650 kilometers (400 miles)!
The series production of the Tesla truck will start in 2019 and orders have already begun to be processed. An electric truck can be reserved for 5,000 dollars.
The expected price is 150,000 and 180,000 dollars for the base versions and 200,000 dollars for the top Founders Series version.

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