New Subcompact car from Toyota will use Skyactiv engine from Mazda

Toyota will incorporate skyactiv fuel efficient engines from Mazda in their new Subcompact car. Car will have Toyota’s outer design and styles but under the hood car will carry high tech engine from Mazda. Engine uses high compression technology for increasing fuel efficiency.

This compact car from Company will release in 2015. With new skyactiv engines from Mazda, Toyota will get huge support to complete their subcompact demands. Mazda will get promotions for Skyactiv engines technologies for helping a company. Engine uses direct injection system and exteriors are stylish. For now company will only place engines to initial 50,000 cars in assembly line annually.

Total capacity of Toyota lineup is about 230,000 cars annually but only for this model company has decide to place Mazda’s Skyactiv engine in first 50,000 cars for this year. Actual work of subcompact car from Toyota will begin from 15th of April 2015 and its output will come out in between 2016.

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