New Porsche Panamera Highlights

New Porsche Panamera Highlights

Porsche one of the famous and most fabulous brand in the industry of automobile, every one wish to buy a stylish and latest technology oriented car but very few could buy those car because the cars is expensive and it took lots of money on its maintenance and fuelling. The new Porsche Panamera breaks all the records in the auto mobile industry. This vehicle is stylish, latest performance with its advance engine system and many other benefits to buy this coupe. This new model is appealing to eye as well as all the customers appreciate the design and concept in the first reveal of Porsche Panamera.

The most attractive change in this car is in the rear end this car has wide rear screen with spoiler which gives this car a sports look which attracts the customers toward it. The taillight have also redesign as per the demand of customers, you can also order this car with LED taillight. This is complete optimized car you can order as according to your need. This is a 4 seat car which shows that this is a passenger oriented car not a styling or sport material.

Let’s highlight the feature of engine; it is a Hybrid model with the latest S and 4S new 3 litre twin turbo model with latest V6 technology. In the previous models a less powerful V8 engine has used but in this model V6 technology introduces which pushes the engine with 309 kilowatt at 6000 RPM and 520 of torque. The average speed of the car is noticed that it can lead from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 5.1 seconds. The top speed of this ca is about 287 kilometres. The combined fuel consumption is about 8.7 litres per 100 Kilometres. The Panamera and Panamera 4 both are the base models of Porsche and it is naturally familiar with 3.6 litre motor which gives the maximum power o 220 and 228 kilowatt and a torque of 400.This is one of the perfect coupe as in the case of passenger oriented as well as for sports material.

It has a built in drive train which rated about 306 Kilowatt and 590 of torque, which is far enough to lead a car at 100 kilometres in just 5 seconds and bring to the top speed of 270 Kilometres per hour. This car has electric motor too which can run the car alone by 36 kilometres per hour and at maximum speed of 135 kilometres per hour. With the electric motor it will use only 3.1 litre of fuel per 100 kilometres. The transmission of this car is automatic as well as manual it has dual clutch gearbox which is redesign to save the fuel consumption as well as for comfort. The handling of the car is perfect it is smooth and easy. The front chassis of the car is big so that it appeals the sporty look of the car. This is a perfect coupe for any family or for any youth.

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