New Mustang 2014 – generation’s gift

A lot of people weren’t impressed with the current Mustang design that was being marketed to all muscle car lovers for over a decade. Drivers much rather preferred the old Ford Mustang that had a more rugged and powerful look like the Dodge Challenger. Well Ford did realize the dissatisfaction of it’s drivers and has completely re-invited the Ford Mustang and giving it an all new look. Still for the traditional muscle look, Mustang new architecture and design in completely revolutionary turn for the brand.

It will be the Fifth generation Of Mustang cars and will bring an end to the earlier generation latest by 2014. There is also talk of the New Ford Mustang having an Eco-Boost engine. The car has always been loved for it’s performance and loud grunt and has been an admired youngster’s car for years. The new shape however has had some turning heads. A lot of people weren’t satisfied with the new architecture stating that Ford had stolen the identity of the Ford Mustang and it’s Image. “It no longer looks like a Mustang, it looks like an Aston Martin” said one commenter at a popular Auto Blog revealing pictures of the 2014 concept Mustang. A lot of people also claimed that the car no longer seemed American as it has always been portrayed of being an “American Muscle”. The Euro-German styled car has not made a good impression despite it’s promising specifications.

The car seems to have adopted many of the previous creations of Ford. Features of The Ford Evo Concept that was debuted in 2011, seems to now appear in the new Mustang designs. The similar front grill to the rear chassis seems to almost identical. The car initially received a positive response from the public when it was debuted in the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 but are the same features acceptable in a Mustang? Doesn’t the car hold a much different image and value to the drivers?

We are told not to worry about the new Ford Mustang looking anything like the Ford Evo or the Ford Fusion which was also redesigned on the basis of the Evos Concept. Still many drivers are anticipating what Ford has planned for the next Mustang. The car seems to hold tremendous value all tied to the fact that it is an “American car” with an American Style.

Still Ford doesn’t seem to be too worried about giving the car a bit of an Euro look. What really matters to them is that the car still maintain it’s character as a sports car. If their hunch is right, Then the new Mustang could spark up a lot of sales for the company. The car has been having problems selling ever since the competition released the new Chevy Camaro and who could blame the drivers. The Mustang has been carrying on the same design for nearly a decade. A change in trend was definitely needed and Ford just seems to be entering the field a little too late.

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